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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I learn English quickly?

Firstly we will have to see your level now with the free trial and with the results we can design the best plan to improve your level as soon as possible. Talking with you I can establish the best format to raise your level very fast. Fill out the form and send it to me without any commitment.

Q - How much does the class cost?
A – Your online level test and your first One 2 One lesson are absolutely free. The first thing for us to do is to see if this form of learning is going to be ideal for you and, if so, we will discuss the hourly class price without any commitment on your behalf whatsoever. I am confident of a very fast impact change in your English level at very reasonable cost.

Q – What is the format of the online class?
A – The class is on a One 2 One basis, these classes have the fastest learning results in my experience and ensures that you have 100% of my focus on your learning process.

Q – What will I need to begin classes?
A – All you will need is a computer or tablet with access to the internet; we will be using Skype, Google Hangouts or Zoom presentation systems so that I can show you my screen with learning materials in the form of video calls.

Q – Do you help students to prepare for exams?
A - Yes. I offer training and tuition in all ESOL exams including Preliminary English Test, First Certificate, Advanced Certificate, Proficiency level and business English exams.

Q – Do you provide homework?
A – Yes I do, everyone is different, some students like homework and others don’t. So it really depends on your personal learning style, but in short, homework is available.

Q – Ok, I’m happy with everything so far, what’s the next step?
A – Just fill out the short form here and I’ll send you your free level evaluation and we’ll get started.

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